I live for computers. Or more like, my life is based around computers. Since I was a child I have been surrounded by them, since my father has always worked in computing based fields (and now currently works in Network Administration). Now I have my own little makeshift set-up with two monitors and a powerful laptop, and the only thing that makes me happier than bringing those screens to life everyday is seeing code that I’ve written compile and run successfully.

Currently, I am studying Computer Science at Queens College, because my hope is to work in Software Development one day. I am open to working in Web & App Development, AI Development, even game design! My background however, is mostly composed of IT work. That’s because I’ve always been able to find my way around a computer and it seemed like the natural choice. My experience in IT work (Well all my work experience really) has been so enlightening, and has just confirmed that working with computers is what I want to do for the rest of my life, however that feeling of creating something that works just can’t be beat.

My interests beyond programming include drawing, reading, throwing money away (Investing!), and entrepreneurship. I’m known for being the most energetic person in the room, who can work with virtually anyone. Thanks for visiting!