The list below is composed of hackathon, school, and personal projects.

To prevent the issues that might occur with posting a school project online, I’ve made the GitHub repositories for school projects private. Please contact me if you would like access to them. 


– A website and an IOS app that stored the inventory for shelters in Boston and displayed what items the shelter was missing so that people could donate. Built in a two-person team and won Best Hack for Boston at Techtogether Boston.


– An android app built to help people to catalogue all the items of their house. Developed using Android Studio, written in Java and XML.


– A program written in Java with a four-person team that kept track of a company’s inventory and “flagged” foods that were approaching their expiration date. Won Best Hack for Social Good in Rochester, NY


– A website whose purpose was to allow women to discuss and bond over their work experiences. Hosted on WordPress, but was written from scratch using HTML, CSS, and PHP. Won 2nd Place Best Hack that Benefits Women at HackAttack, Queens College.


– An HTTP server written using Node.js and HTML. The user enters a topic and OracleCat contacts 2 APIs and displays a random cat picture and a quote to the user based on the topic.

Brain Matter Segmenter 

– Segments the white matter or the gray matter from a 3D brain MRI scan. A program written in C++, compiled using CMake, and library files imported from ITK.